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Hereditary Society of Teachers

The membership of the Society shall be limited to men and women who are 18 years of age or older and are lineal descendants of School Teachers.  The term “school teacher” is limited to anyone (male or female) who can be proven to have conducted “classic curriculum” lessons on United States soil OR obtained a teaching certificate or degree in education.  The term “teacher” includes tutor, headmaster/mistress, professor, instructor, or governess.
School Board members, Sunday school teachers, ministers (who who did not teach “classic curriculum”) are not eligible.  Deans and College/University Presidents and coaches/trainers must have proven classroom experience.  A current teaching professional may use his/her experience by supplemental application only.
Only Life Membership shall be offered.
Categories of Membership: 
Any member may join under any of the categories below with the exception oc current teachers who must first join on an ancestor and may then file a supplemental for themselves.
* Ancestor who taught in the 17th Century represented by a Quill
* Ancestor who taught in the 18th Century represented by a Bell
* Ancestor who taught in the 19th Century represented by a Lamp of Knowledge
* Ancestor who taught in the 20th Century represented by an Open Book
* Ancestor who taught in the 21st Century represented by a Computer
A Member with an educator in each of the above categories achieves Golden Apple status and is authorized to wear the Golden Apple insignia.

Membership is by invitation of the President.

For more information contact the Registrar General at

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Hereditary Society of Teachers Large Insignia
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Hereditary Society of Teachers Large Insignia
Hereditary Society of Teachers Large Insignia
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