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National Society Sons and Daughters of Antebellum Planters 1607-1861

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Membership is limited to men and women eighteen years of age or older who are lineal or collateral descendants of a Planter living between 1607 and April 12, 1861, on land which is today included in the forty-eight states of the continental United States.  Collateral descent is defined as direct descent from a full brother or sister of a planter.  A Planter must have owned not less than 500 acres of land on which not less than 20 persons were engaged in agriculture or ranching for profit.  The acreage need not be contiguous, or in the same state.  The acreage owned by all spouses, even if not owned by the Planter, can be used to qualify, providing the applicant is descended from each spouse whose acreage is claimed.  A Planter is not disqualified by virtue of holding a second occupation, such as lawyer, doctor, merchant, or clergyman, or by the fact that the planter engaged agents, overseers, or trustees to manage the land.
Membership is by invitation only.
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Sons and Daughters Antebellum Planters Miniature
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Sons and Daughters Antebellum Planters Miniature