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Order of the Indian Wars of the United States

Hon. Richard Bender Abell
9002 Belvoir Woods Parkway
Number 302
Fort Belvoir, Virginia  22060-2709
Original Companions are commissioned officers of the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, and of State and Territorial Military Organizations, who subsequent to the year 1900, engaged in military service, in conflicts, battles, or actual field service against hostile Indians within the jurisdiction of the United States, or whose service was within the zone of any recognized Indian campaign.

Traditionally, eligibility for membership would require an applicant to be a direct descendant of a commissioned United States Army Officer, who saw combat action during any of the American Indian Campaigns from 1776-1900.

However, in order to further perpetuate the Order, OIWUS may still consider granting membership if the applicant's ancestor saw combat against Indians while serving in a military unit or militia of either the British Colonial Crown (1600-1776) or The United States of America  (1776-1900), regardless of rank.

Inquires must be made to me through standard U.S. postal mail.
Membership is by invitation only. 
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